A twenty-minute flying time and awesome range

Straight out of the box, the DROCON Blue Bugs drone looks fantastic. One of the reasons why this was such a great purchase is the flying time. It can run for up to 20 minutes, which is longer than most drones on the market. A feature I was looking for on a drone was one with which action camera can be attached – the Blue Bugs can do just that. Many drones nowadays feature a built-in camera, but often the quality of the recording is not up to scratch. Now I can mount my 4K action camera to capture stunning aerial views.

It’s the new highly efficient brushless motors that DROCON have used on the Blue Bug that can keep it in air for the full 20 minutes. The range of 300-500 meters for this type of drone is also quite incredible, and with the action camera safely stowed underneath, I was able to capture breathtaking vistas.

One thing that seems essential when flying a drone several hundred meters away is two-way control. Many drones only send signals from the controller to the drone, resulting in a noticeable delay in control. The Blue Bugs drone is communicating back to the controller the whole time, resulting in seamless flight control.

If you have an action camera and want to capture stunning aerial footage, then this is the drone for you. Don’t have an action camera? No problem. DROCON have partnered with an action camera maker, and you can get a special deal on an action camera when purchasing the Blue Bugs drone through Amazon.